Build the schedule that balances your career and personal life.
Adjust it based on your circadian rhythms and stress levels.

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Block time for your activities to make it happen

Just add what and for how long, and the app would place it into your day with a small break already pre-planned.

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Reflect: be time aware

See your day’s composition by assigning categories to blocks.

Reflect on where your time goes and align it with your life goals.

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Energy Management > Time Management

Time in your day is not equal. Circadian rhythms and stress levels affect your motivation and ability to concentrate.

See clearly when it’s better to plan deep work and when it’s better to take a break to recharge.

But what if life happens?

Paced will automatically replan your day as soon as you add new blocks or accept a new calendar invite.

Your day evolves, and so does the plan. And you should never feel guilty for changing it.